Auto Laser Marker

Automated Laser Marker

The machine shown here was developed in conjunction with the manufacturer of commercial CO2 laser marking machines. Their client wanted to use a laser to mark the bodies of residential-style circuit breakers instead of self-adhesive labels or ink marking. The structure in blue accommodated the laser power supply and laser, and also supported a double-sided shuttle for locating the breakers inside the light-tight enclosure for marking. Opto-electrical finger switches controlled the motion of the shuttle by the operator. The shuttle contained two side-by-side “nests” that each held 6 breakers. As one nest was being marked, the other nest could be loaded. The shuttle then moved to the opposite side and a trap-door under the finished nest opened to allow the marked breakers to fall onto a conveyor belt (not shown). The trap door closed, and the newly emptied nest could be loaded with unmarked breakers. When that nest was filled and the breakers inside the light-tight enclosure had been marked, the operator placed his/her fingers on the switches and the sequence began again. Pneumatic solenoids and micro-switches coordinated the motion of a pneumatic linear actuator, air cylinders for the trap doors and a signal to the laser to begin marking.