CAD Models

1/7th Scale EA-6B PROWLER Model

This is a 1/7 scale model of an EA-6B Prowler that was used to compile radar return data for programming fire-control and recognition software. The client wished to have the model displayed with prototypical markings after its use as a radar target. The client-supplied base model was a custom-made fiberglass model with multiple underwing stores.  The model had been extensively handled and had multiple holes where sensors and associated wiring had been installed, in addition to a large removable panel on the fuselage spine.

The wing spar attachment structure required repair, and strengthening bulkheads were added inside the fuselage to accommodate eyehooks for display mounting. New and more accurate HARM missiles and pylons were scratch built from acrylic tube, styrene sheet and urethane foam. Provisions were made for all underwing stores to be removable. Wing fences and dorsal antenna were scratch-built, and the damaged refueling probe was reinforced and repaired. Multiple applications of lacquer primer and body filler were required to prepare the model for final paint and markings. Automotive acrylic lacquer was custom-mixed per FS-595 color chips for the basic 3-tone gray camouflage. The special markings are a combination of automotive touch-up spray lacquer, custom made dry transfers and custom made water slide decals.